The ground breakers, the earth shakers, the path makers. Introducing the Original Westside Vintage legends, who supported the dream and our vision from day one.

On a hot, smoggy day on the Sunshine Coast, this crew of creatives banded together to create something special. This is the story of how the legends created that smoking hot campaign shoot...

As always, the best plan is to make a plan, and then throw it out the window. Because guess what? A) Plans are boring, and B) Your fool-proof plan will NEVER go to plan ya FOOL! Having experience coordinating shoots only involving one photographer, two models max, and one outfit/ location - going into this campaign was equal parts exciting and terrifying. We had never shot a full campaign before, and for our OWN label, man the pressure was on. It is a vulnerable process when you are working on a project that has only ever lived in your heart. What if we fail? What if this doesn't work out?

What if it is even better than we ever expected...

We reached out to a few babes on the gram, who we knew perfectly reflected the attitude of Westside. The response was huge. After selecting our dream team, we locked in everything we needed for the day.

Campaign Day. The coast really turned it on for us, an unseasonably hot day in August. The smoky, smoggy skies creating a California-haze over our dusty highway location. We had one Holden Kingswood, one Harley Davidson, four smoking hot models, one carton of Budweiser, three cameras, one photographer, one Harley-enthusiast, one creative director, one creative assistant and stylist, and one creative assistant and stylist's husband who does a mean burn out. The makings of a perfect day.

The spirit, energy, and creative input from this team blew us away. The crew selflessly gave up their entire day to support a local start-up, and we are forever humbled by their genuine support and passion for our vision. We couldn't have planned it better if we tried, and it just goes to show when you don't have a plan the magic really happens.

These Westside OG's will be forever immortalised as the official Westside Vintage Legends. Free Budweiser for life.